The whispers of Mazda returning to the rotary engine with a successor to the RX-8 have been around the rumor mill for years but they may have gained some new heft following a recent Mazda patent filling.

It now seems the long-awaited model may have been finally greenlit by the Mazda managers and the model could be closer than ever to production after the automaker filed a patent application for an all new rotary engine. The application itself is filled with engineering speak but we made out the interesting bits – for example Mazda has decided to have the engine rotated 180 degrees about its longitudinal axis. The quirky setting seems to influence the packaging under the hood. Additionally, there’s a top-mounted turbocharger and high exhaust ports which in turn will free up space under the bonnet for a front crossmember and an assortment of suspension components.

The patent adds the engine will feature a tri-angle rotor and new fuel injectors placed closer to the combustion chamber, a modification said to increase fuel efficiency – you may remember that was a major issue with the previous iteration. The last we heard officially from Mazda on the subject was way back during the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show when they unleashed the RX-Vision Concept which the company “hopes to one day make into reality.”


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