Mazda Plans to Increase SKYACTIV Transmission Production in Japan image

Mazda said it plans to increase production of SKYACTIV transmissions at its Hofu Plant, Japan, to around 1.1 million units in July 2014.

The current SKYACTIV transmission production capacity is 750,000 units, but the automaker tries to reach 1,140,000 units, due to a boost in demand for vehicles which use these transmissions. To reach its goal the automaker will add assembly lines and equipment to a near building owned by an affiliated company. Preparations will begin this month and production is expected to begin in July 2014.

“Operations began at the Nakanoseki district of Hofu plant in December 1981, and it is now Mazda’s chief transmission production facility. This is where we make SKYACTIV transmissions for the Mazda CX-5, which was named Car of the Year Japan last year, and our flagship model the Mazda Atenza (known as Mazda6 overseas),” said Nariaki Uchida, Executive Officer and General Manager of Hofu Plant.

Mazda’s target is to reach sales of 1.7 million vehicles annually by 2016, with 80% of these vehicles expected to feature SKYACTIV technology. The automaker will also build a new transmission plant in Thailand, which will have an annual production capacity of 400,000 units and will begin operation in 2016.