The Japanese automaker is using its home venue – the Tokyo Motor Show, which kicks off with the press days on October 25 – to bring us the news of what lies ahead in the near future, teasing the arrival of not one, but two show concepts.

There’s still time until the Tokyo Motor Show kicks off, but every single Japanese carmaker, from Nissan, Honda, Toyota and Lexus to Suzuki has been previewing or at least teasing what’s in store for their booth. Now it’s Mazda’s turn, with the company aiming to keep things a bit mysterious still, as we’re only presented with teasers of the upcoming two prototypes. The more interesting one is shaped as a stylish sedan and will be used by the Zoom-Zoom brand as a pointer towards its future design styling. With classic four-door proportions and sizeable dimensions, we can imagine it also serves as a preview for the next generation Mazda6 – as we may remember the current one introduced us to the ongoing styling cues.

Mazda ready for the next generation products and design language 2

The second one is much closer to production though – as it serves as a preview for an upcoming next generation production car, and given the five-door hatchback shape and compact size we’re immediately pointing the finger at the Mazda3. The model is also bundled with the company’s next generation Skyactiv-X engine, which is going to be the first production and commercially available gasoline engine with compression ignition. Mazda has made the change because it thinks it can extract a further 20-30 percent efficiency compared to current gasoline offerings, while also upping the torque by 10 to 30 percent.


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