Mazda Rx-9 will be powered by a 1.6-liter 225kW rotary engine? image

We know for a fact that Mazda is sticking with the rotary engine, which the company sees as a vital part of its identity.
And it is indeed.
The company will introduce a new sports car – the successor of the RX7. Mazda RX9 will be powered by a new generation rotary engine, witch according to Autocar is already in a late stage of development. This new “16X” motor uses an electric supercharger and is bigger in capacity than the current RX-8 engine. 16X will be friendlier than the Renesis, which has a big appetite for unleaded and engine oil and does not meet Euro 5 standards.
Mazda’s own website has a detailed description of the new motor. Key points include the introduction of direct injection technology – a first for a petrol rotary engine, aluminium side housings, 1600 cc capacity instead of 1304cc of the 13B RX-7 and RX-8 engine.

The RX-9 will share the major chassis components of the next generation MX-5 roadster, and should have a kerb weight around 1250kg, light for a car with 300-plus bhp on tap.