The Skyactiv technologies have managed to set apart the Japanese automaker’s models from the other mass-market global automakers. But with limited resources, the company wants to focus on moves that would continue to set it apart from the competition.

According to Masamichi Kogai, Mazda Motor Corp.’s chief executive officer, a cost-conscious manager, the company has set aside plans to resurrect the discontinued RX sports car series. In a move that shows the fragile recovery of an independent mass-market automaker, the executive aims to focus all of the limited resources into further developing the Skyactiv technologies. While the revival of the RX series would bring a good capital boost, the reality is that the bread and butter is brought by the core models.

With the first level of Skyactiv model changeover already halfway completed, the challenge for the company is to keep its products competitive, with Kodai saying that new models would not be added, as the seven-vehicle lineup is almost the maximum the company can support. Each existing nameplate – save for the big CX-9 crossover and Mazda5 minivan has been turned to Skyactiv – the name Mazda attributed to the host of technologies that brought more efficient powertrains, sportier and lighter chassis and platforms.

Via Automotive News


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