Mazda plans to increase production at its new Mexico plant in the fiscal year ending March 2016.

Mazda announced it will invest $650 million to increase production at its new plant in Mexico, which is being built in Guanajuato. The automaker plans to boost production from the initial capacity of 140, 000 vehicles to 230, 000 vehicles until the fiscal year ending March 2016.

The $650 million investment includes $150 million for equipment to manufacture 180,000 Mazda cars and $500 million previously announced to be spent for plant facilities. According to the plan, the facility is to open in January-March 2014 and the initial capacity will be 140,000 units. The Mexico plant will produce the Mazda2 sub-compact and Mazda3 compact cars for the South, Central and North American markets.

In the summer of 2015 the plant will also begin manufacturing about 50,000 sub-compact Toyota Motor Corp vehicles, according to Toyota and Mazda announcements in November. According to the Mazda spokesman, Toyota will make a separate investment for the equipment costs necessary for producing its vehicles.

Several automakers, including Mazda, have announced their plans to build in Mexico, lower-cost production plants to manufacture small cars for North America. Unlike Nissan, Honda and Toyota, Mazda currently imports from Japan all the vehicles sold in the US, after it ended production of Mazda6 sedans in Michigan.


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