UK Managing Director Jeremy Thomson describes the unprecedented product offensive as “rebooting” the brand, as Mazda is about to enjoy its best time in more than a decade as it launches five new generation models globally in less than three years.

The rapid pace of launches is the biggest since the launch of the previous generation Mazda6, Mazda3 and Mazda RX-8 during 2002-04.

“We’re predicting good times ahead while the rest of the industry is predicted to be relatively flat, ” said Thomson. “Over the next 18 months to two years we will continue our very strong product-led growth which sends out an exciting message to our dealers,” he added.

That recovery in sales comes on the back of the successful launches of Mazda CX-5, new Mazda6 and the forthcoming all-new Mazda3 – all with Mazda’s new Skyactiv technology.

Sales in UK are running 10 % ahead of the original planned for the year resulting in Mazda reacting quickly to add production to their program to relinquish stock and meet future demands.

“While we would rather run with one car too few than one too many, we also need to ensure the network can fully capitalize on the increase in sales opportunities,” said Sales Director Peter Allibon.

In the first 10 months of 2013, Mazda sold 27,800 cars, 16 % up on the same period in 2012 according to SMMT data. Average new car sales through each dealership are expected to quickly return to pre-crisis level as total annual volume approaches 40,000 units, explained Allibon.


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