Mazda6 Coupe planned image

The Japanese based automaker Mazda is currently planning the development of a new body style based on the Mazda6, the Mazda6 Coupe.

Mazda is getting ready to start developing a new body style of the Mazda6, which will be a two-door coupe. The announcement hasn’t been made official just yet, but according to a recent report published by the guys from Auto Express, the company will introduce such a model in a couple of years and the vehicle in question should sit alongside with the new MX-5 / Miata and to bring a number of changes compared to its already available sedan brother.

The upcoming Mazda6 Coupe will be aimed towards models like the BMW 4-Series as the company is confident that the two-door vehicle can compete easily with the premium German brands. The new Mazda6 Coupe is believed to get a sleeker roofline, a more aggressive stance, a more distinctive front bumper and several other tweaks to stand out from a crowd, beside the missing rear doors. More details on the future Mazda6 Coupe are limited for the moment and will probably be announced in 2016, close to the model’s debut.