Mazda’s classic car museum is now in Germany, the only one in Europe image

The Japanese brand’s first ever museum located outside of its home country of Japan has recently opened in Germany, with 45 models on show.

Mazda is quickly getting ready to celebrate a century of existence, with the company’s nascence being dated to 1920, and the zoom-zoom brand has a lot to show for, even though it has always acted as a sort of niche marque. Some of its classic marvels have found a new home away from home – thanks to the opening of a new museum in Augsburg, Germany after local dealer Auto Frey and the automaker’s German unit partnered in this endeavor. “Uniquely impressive, the first Mazda museum outside Japan represents a dream come true for the Frey family to share with the public its one-of-a-kind collection of vintage Mazdas from around the world,” says Akira Marumoto, Mazda executive VP.

Mazda’s classic car museum is now in Germany, the only one in Europe 0

With close to a century of evolution to show for, the collection today has 45 models that were sold in Europe, as well as examples that never graced the old Continent. The exhibit has crucial brand models such as the 1967 Cosmo Sport or 1969 Luce RX87, as well as the company’s iconic rotary car, the 1992 RX-7. Other interesting models include the 1960 R360, Mazda’s first-ever mass-produced passenger car or the 616 that was the first car to be officially sold in Germany starting 1973.