McLaren 570S Sprint teased ahead of Goodwood FoS debut image

The Festival of Speed is just around the corner, so we’re going to be treated to many teasers and videos preparing us for the car extravaganza taking place on the premises this coming weekend.

McLaren for instance – as a local supercar producer – has the honor of acting as one of the “hosts” and their teasing game includes an enticing shot of the 570S Sprint. This is going to be a circuit-ready coupe that has no homologation for the road or actually any regular competition series. This means McLaren has the freedom to do anything it pleases with the model – proposing a wild and also less expensive alternative to the other track-only models it has (650S Sprint and P1 GTR). Premiering during the iconic Goodwood Festival of Speed, the 570S has just been shared via a couple of photos depicting the rear fenders.

The specific detail sheet remains a mystery, but from the teasers we can judge the 570S Sprint to have a great high-downforce bodykit in the same vein as the 570S GT4 – another race-exclusive model. But the Sprint model will ne be bound to any specific racing series rules – and we might be treated by McLaren to a massaged 3.8-liter biturbo V8 in the process – upping the stakes from the series 562 horsepower and 443 pound-feet of torque. The company has promised “power and torque levels have been optimised to ensure the ultimate levels of driver engagement … and the best levels of noise, too, as visitors to Goodwood will soon hear,” with one unit running the Hill Climb in front of the crowd.

McLaren 570S Sprint teased ahead of Goodwood FoS debut 1