McLaren 650S by MSO for sale image

An MSO signed McLaren 650S is currently being offered for sale so if you are looking for new ride with a mid-engine, rear-wheel drive and enough power to get you from A to B, you have come to the right place.

The privilege of owning a McLaren 650S is very limited and only a few will get you enjoy this supercar but buying one which has been signed by MSO (McLaren Special Operations) is even rarer. The one pictured below has several tweaks compared to the regular one, which include the white-painted carbon fiber parts, the glossy black finish for the roof, the different rear diffuser, yellow brake calipers, carbon fiber accents in the cabin, Alcantara upholstery and so on.

If this has caught your attention you should also know that the McLaren 650S by MSO has been driven for just 50 km (31 miles), meaning that this is one brand new ride. Under its hood you will find the same 3.8 liter twin turbo V8 engine as the one found on the MP4-12C, P1 and the upcoming Sports Series, which is good for 650 HP (478 kW) and 678 Nm (500 lb-ft) of torque, in this case. The asking price for this supercar is 317,417 GBP.