McLaren 650S gets smashed into a tree by owner 10 minutes after delivery image

Talk about bad luck, or bad driving skills – we have a report coming from England that describes an accident between a tree and a nice McLaren 650S – which happened just 10 minutes after delivery.

We already know – from the myriad of reviews out there – that Woking machines have been described as fun killers on numerous occasions because McLaren has made its marvel machines pretty hard to crash. They did it using all sorts of electronic gizmos. What they didn’t invent – yet – is the idiot-proof system. This might have come in handy in preventing the crash we see here, which happened right after the owner took over the keys and papers. We also know the first 24 hours of supercar and hypercar ownership are the most dangerous, but this one didn’t even want to lose sight of the service area when he grabbed a hold of the tree with his immaculate McLaren 650S Spider.

According to the report, the British McLaren owner, who shames his residency area of Essex, celebrated the arrival of his pristine supercar with a bottle of champagne. The joy was short lived, as the model suffered pretty extensive front damage after meeting a tree. We can still expect the Woking machine to get crashed again by the owner after being carefully serviced. It’s a good thing supercar builders like to make their machines middle-engined, thus making sure they can survive a blow or two from inexperienced drivers.

Via The Telegraph