While the model is just about three years old, the 650S from McLaren is about to get a successor – part of the company’s all new second generation of the Super Series.

The new model will arrive in time for the Geneva Motor Show in March and has been codenamed so far “P14,” with the new supercar from Woking for now laying out claims of increased aerodynamic efficiency and 50 percent more downforce – in part thanks to the new active rear wing that has an incorporated airbrake. This new development has the active rear wing extending over the entire width of the back, it will be able to automatically position itself for the best aerodynamic efficiency – but can also become an airbrake that can be used in less than half a second to increase balance at high speed braking points.

We also already know from a previous teaser that McLaren’s development team managed to drop 40 pounds (18 kilograms) by using the new carbon fiber Monocage II body structure for a dry weight of just 2,828 pounds (1,283 kilograms). The P14 is also set to come with new dihedral doors for better cabin access, and will also help with cooling and aerodynamics because they have two individual air ducts built into the door structure. One will direct air towards the radiators that cool the engine and the other will extract the air out of the front wheel arch to increase downforce.



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