McLaren already mulling feistier 570S GT4 image

The British supercar manufacturer, which has vowed to fill every niche in the territory with new entries, seems already keen to expand its recently revealed 570S “entry-level” model.

According to a report from Autocar, the UK manufacturer is already researching the possibility to develop and build a hardcore version of the new 570S Sport Series, with the model presented this month to the world audience during the 2015 edition of the New York Auto Show. The new variant would a race-driven model that would be headed towards the GT4 category racing in global motorsport. The move would highlight the popular opinion that GT3 competitions are increasingly professional and expensive, putting off the gentlemen drivers – who could be turned towards the GT4 category instead. Porsche is already developing a model based on the Cayman coupe and even Mercedes-Benz is mulling the idea of getting into a GT4 program for the AMG GT – even as the model has not yet been sold in GT3 form. “We are looking at it,” discussed an unnamed source the matter, “and working out where it fits in our race strategy from F1 downwards. We would need to be confident of being able to do it at a price that made sense both to us and our customers.”

The globally available 540C and 570S serve as the affordable options for the fans of the British automaker, with the latter inaugurating the automaker’s new Sports Series lineup and carrying the familiar twin-turbo V8 3.8-liter engine. Complete with 30 percent new parts, the power mill brings to the table 570 HP (419 kW) at 7,400 rpm and 600 Nm (443 lb-ft) between 5,000 rpm and 6,500 rpm, with a seven-speed SSG sending the oomph to the rear wheels.

Via Autocar