McLaren BP23 test mule showcased, dubbed as a “Hyper-GT” image

McLaren’s Ultimate Series really has just one member – the five-year old P1 hypercar – but it seems there’s something new brewing at the British company’s headquarters, judging by the looks of this newly revealed BP23 prototype.

The upcoming new member of the McLaren Ultimate Series is currently undergoing development, under this odd “BP23” nickname, and if the design seems familiar it’s because this early prototype is actually a test mule based on the newly introduced 720S. Essentially – we’re dealing with the upcoming successor of the P1 hypercar, one that will act as the brand’s flagship and provide an adequate answer to the latest roster of hypercars – namely the Mercedes-AMG Project One and the Aston Martin Red Bull Valkyrie. The target for McLaren’s new model is none other than provide clients with “the fastest ever McLaren” – though the company did note this figure won’t be based on lap times, meaning they’re not joining the Nurburgring record craze.

McLaren BP23 interior mule

With official photos from the company we can see the engineering team is already hard at work using a camouflaged and modified 720S as the test mule, with the supercar converted to a single place layout. More so, this is the eagerly anticipated and many times rumored spiritual successor to the original McLaren F1, with the company confirming the final product will feature the 1+2 seating layout as a nod to the original. The BP23 is also directly succeeding the P1 and will continue to use hybrid power, with shipments planned for 2019 – though at the time of writing all 106 examples have already been pre-sold.