And fans better rejoice – because the British manufacturer isn’t talking about the three-seater “BP23”, which is solely the spiritual successor of the F1 – they’re actually teasing the successor of the P1 hypercar.

McLaren has decided to tease us to the new model – while also confirming next year to be the year of reveal for the new member of the Ultimate Series. It doesn’t sport a name, so the rumor mill jumped at the occasion of baptizing it, settling on P15 for now. The final name will be announced before the end of the year when McLaren will also provide additional details – the finished product will most likely arrive in spring during the exotic Geneva Motor Show.

McLaren has also delivered a regular blow – without it actually being a surprise – telling us the entire production run has already been pre-sold, just like it happened with the BP23 limited to only 106 units, as another nod to the iconic McLaren F1. It’s going to arrive as the “purest expression yet of the company’s ‘form follows function’ philosophy,” with the new Ultimate Series McLaren coming with a “brutal” design. It’s fully legal to be driven on the street, but McLaren points out this isn’t a daily driver because it’s entirely focused on the track, which is why we’re thinking Nurburgring records will again change hands if anyone manages to best the McLaren P1 LM in the meantime.



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