McLaren details the “P14” – a chassis for the 650S successor image

The exotic British supercar manufacturer has a different way of teasing upcoming models – we’re presented with the chassis of the 650S successor and some spicy details.

It’s better than seeing a glimpse of a headlight – since the chassis serves as the backbone of any supercar – with codename “P14” serving as the introduction into the company’s second-generation Super Series that will act as a direct replacement of the 650S Coupe. The Woking-based brand has associated the images of the carbon fiber Monocage II body structure with a few spicy details – such as the fact that it will lose some weight and arrive with higher strength and rigidity.

The new generation will tip the scales at 1,283 kilograms (2,828 pounds) without any fluids, which is 18 kg (40 lbs) lighter than the outgoing 650S, allowing McLaren to claim leadership in the segment in this department. There’s also a lower center of gravity to increase handling and stability and believe it or not, getting inside will be easier due to a wider cabin entrance and lower side sills. The automaker also speaks of “excellent all-round visibility,” but we think more enticing is the detail about being able to option the “Visible Monocage” – which brings an exposed carbon fiber look on the inside section of the A-pillars.