The successor to the acclaimed MP4-12C sports car, the 650S, has already jumped to a good start with sales that allowed the British sports car manufacturer to cease production of the former.

McLaren Automotive, which is the “street car” arm of the McLaren Group, best known for its historic implication in the world of Formula 1, first came up with the astonishing McLaren F1 (back then made by McLaren Cars). Years later, in 2011, the McLaren 12C (or MP4-12C, its launch name) came to the market to reestablish McLaren as a player in the sports car arena.

Now, after the unveiling of the astonishing P1 supercar, comes the 12C successor, the 650S, which is not really a new generation, but rather a thorough upgrade – with 25% of the parts new, additional standard equipment but the same carbon fiber chassis.

With a price some 20,000 euros more than its predecessor, the 650S starts at around 237,700 euros, coming though with many design changes, driver enhancements and standard equipment – like the carbon ceramic brake discs or a navigation system.

The 650S coupe and Spider is already on sale, with the British manufacturer saying it has achieved enough orders to successfully phase out the older 12 C and 12C Spider. According to the company, the sales numbers are not all that important, with the brand relying on earnings margins to achieve profits – so McLaren could soon join Ferrari and put a cap on the production of its models, including the 650S – as the P1 supercar is already sold out.

Via Automotive News Europe


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