As car manufacturers are getting into deep competition to make their brand powerful and successful, one more news came to the doorstep, which says McLaren will invest for a series-production car. Yes, it is very true that McLaren has recently placed the largest ever carbon monocoque order for a series-production car.

This order has been placed along with the Salzburg-based Carbo Tech and the monocoques will make its position for the new MP4-12C supercar of McLaren. In general, Carbon Tech has planned to construct a new factory in Salzburg so that it could fulfill the increased demand of people in its services. And if Carbo Tech is building its factory and commencing its planned work then as a result, nearly 100 new jobs will be created.

Carbo Monocoques are actually very light and due to this it could minimize the quantity of CO2 emissions emerging out of a vehicle, creating hazardous situations in the environment. With this at the same time, the monocoques will offer advanced strength, engineering predictability, structural rigidity, and will result in better driving dynamics. This is what McLaren has said in a statement. As the plan is to start using carbo monocoques in MP4, its weight will indicate less than 80kg. The car will by the time meet all recent crash test legislation.

Carbo Tech is at present staying in hope that the deal with McLaren can permit the technology of carbonfibre to filter down even more, which could lead them into more conventional series production cars. While the production will be in force and on a larger scale, more can be learnt about it. Carbo Tech’s CEO Karl Wagner has said that the deal with McLaren will allow it to rapidly develop these unique monocoques resulted in production costs for monocoques that are significantly reduced in cost over similar structures previously manufactured.

The order which has been placed by McLaren with the Carbo Tech is ranging at 150 million euro. And if the production rocks then in future all McLaren sportscars could be found using lightweight carbon monocoques.


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