McLaren kicks off production of the new 720S image

The new production milestone is also officially spilling the demise of the P11 platform that nurtured McLaren back to production vehicles in the modern era – as they introduced the MP4-12C.

McLaren has now officially kicked off the production of the 720S, which debuted during the Geneva Motor Show in March, coming as the completely upgraded successor of the 650S. The new 720S makes use of a completely new architecture – the all-new P14 chassis, which is coming to completely replace the first-generation P11 model family that hearkens all the way back to the 12C from 2009, the model that signed the new production series model life for McLaren. “The new McLaren 720S entering volume production is a momentous occasion for McLaren Automotive, marking the first time since the company was formed in 2010 that we have replaced a model family with an all-new generation,” said Mike Flewitt, Chief Executive Officer, McLaren Automotive.

McLaren kicks off production of the new 720S 2

The company added it has received customer interest that “significantly exceeded expectations” and they are “bidding farewell to the first-generation Super Series in the knowledge that we have a successor that raises limits in the supercar segment to new heights.” McLaren is also not ready to sit back and enjoy, because they are planning to introduce 15 new models by the end of 2022, and more importantly McLaren will remain focused only on supercars in the future.