McLaren leasing program launched image

Buying a McLaren supercar has never been easier, if you can afford one, that is.

McLaren is stepping up to becoming a brand more affordable to customers and after introducing the first two models of its Sports Series, the 570S and the 540C, the carmaker has now announced a new leasing program. The company says that the standard 570S Coupe can now be leased for 995 GBP a month over a period of 3 years, after making a deposit of 39,500 GBP. After the 3-year period will expire, you can choose to keep the sports car by paying an extra 90,248 GBP.

The total amount paid so far stands at 166,570 GBP, which is basically 23,320 GBP more than the original pricing of the car, 143,250 GBP. McLaren is offering a leasing program for the entire car range, starting with the entry-level 540C and ending with the impressive P1. This is also available for the used McLaren Qualified pre-owned vehicles as well and it was implemented in order to make the cars more accessible for customers.

“McLaren Financial Services is playing an integral part in the continuing growth plans for McLaren Automotive as a business. The Sports Series, as the most attainable McLaren model to date, has opened the brand up to a new market and a completely new customer demographic, and to be able to offer a competitive finance offering is crucial if we are to truly compete against more established rivals. Supercar performance and exclusivity has never been more accessible or affordable”, said the company’s global sales and marketing executive director, Jolyon Nash.