McLaren likes Finland because it’s the perfect setup for their new ice driving experience image

Yes, because sheet ice and snow are the perfect materials for the greatest grip… especially if you’re in command of a 570 hp supercar.

Usually even a car with 100 horsepower can pose lots of difficulties (just look at all the YouTube videos from Russia), so it won’t be terrifying at all when you try to command one such as the McLaren 570S. Some might be crazy/bold enough to try that and even pay big cash – for the new Pure McLaren Arctic Experience. The Pure McLaren division is the British supercar maker’s in-house experience provider, which is in charge of organizing track days, driving schools, and tours. The ice driving experience will be happening in a controlled environment, at the very large Test World facility in Ivalo, Finland, 200 miles inside the Arctic Circle.

The drivers will get to experience the McLaren 570S on the assorted snow and sheet-ice tracks at Test World, and out on the public road with the company’s professional instructors on point to coach the drivers – each having their own personalized program according to the skill level. If full on hooning is out of the question due to safety concerns, there are other things to indulge into: husky safari or snowmobile expeditions. Lodging is provided by the Jarvi Lodge, a beautiful log house built by Finland’s longest-serving president, Urho Kekkonen.