McLaren Mega Mac to compete directly with Bugatti image

When McLaren produced its first road car back in 1992, it was the fastest car in the world. In total 106 were produced from 1992–1998, and even though it has been out of production for 13 years, there are still few cars faster than the F1.

Among those that are faster are the Koenigsegg CCR, Bugatti Veyron and SSC Ultimate Aero and the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport . In September 2009 McLaren announced the successor of the McLaren F1 which was to be the McLaren MP4-12C. However, MP4-12C was not able to compete with none of those hyper cars like Veyron or SSC.
But, the British automaker is preparing a new flagship model that is intended to eclipse every supercar to date, combining blistering performance with ultimate agility and everyday usability.

Known internally as the ‘Mega Mac’, the new car is scheduled for a 2014 launch. The production run will be limited to just 500 units. The price is expected to be between £350,000 and £400,000 in today’s money.

According to Autocar, at the core of the new car will an extraordinary 799bhp 5.0-litre V8 engine — that’s 160bhp per litre — which will be developed in conjunction with Ricardo. Maximum power will come at 7500rpm. The engine will drive a Graziano seven-speed dual-clutch ’box.
Talking about it’s acceleration performance, the new McLaren will be capable to hit 60 mph in 2.8sec, 100mph in 5.5sec and 200mph in just 20.0sec. Mega Mac will be based on a similar carbonfibre Monocell to the MP4-12C and will use similar, although extensively retuned, aluminium pushrod suspension, hydraulic anti-roll control, adaptive dampers and a five-stage traction control system.