McLaren MP4-12C by Hennessey with 800HP image

The North American after market specialists at Hennessey have recently presented their latest project, a McLaren MP4-12C with 800 horsepower.

For those of you who can actually afford the newest McLaren supercar, the MP4-12C, and think that almost 600 horsepower is just not enough, there’s a unique opportunity, created by John Hennessey and his crews in Southern California and Texas, where the supercar is coming with 800 horsepower. The latest creation to come from the American tuner, based on the European supercar, is named the HPE800 Twin Turbo concept.

“We’ve been taking fast cars and have been making them faster for over twenty years. I spent a lot of time around the new 12C at the 2011 Goodwood Festival of Speed and was very impressed. We’re excited to have the opportunity to take a great car and give it our own special performance touch while giving 12C owners a uniquely aggressive appearance”, said the company founder and president, John Hennessey, in a press release.

mclaren-mp4-12c-hpe800-twin-turbo-concept-hennessey-1According to the aftermarket specialists at Hennessey, the MP4-12C HPE800 Twin Turbo concept is also coming with the company’s CarbonAero body package, which is increasing downforce and cooling, incorporating a new, center-positioned front air inlet and a hood extractor. John Hennessey said that there will be no upgrades on the suspension and braking system, because the company’s founder thinks that McLaren has “blessed” the MP4-12C with perfect systems.

Custom interior upgrades on the new HPE800 Twin Turbo concept now include Alcantara, carbon fiber and leather, and the model is now sitting on Hennessey’s Monoblock wheels, wrapped in Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires. There’s no official word on the price yet.