McLaren MP4-12C crashed at Spa Francorhamps image

Wherever there will be exotic cars, there will also be exotic car crashes and after we presented to you earlier this month a McLaren MP4-12C which crashed near the McLaren headquarters in Woking UK, time has come for the same supercar to make our news, after its driver managed to ruin it at Spa Francorchamps, during a track day in the rain.

This apparently is the fourth McLaren MP4-12C to end up just a pile of junk and it seems that its driver lost control of the supercar at a speed of over 200 km/h in the Blanchimont turn on the Spa Francorchamps Formula 1 track.

Sadly we don’t have any more details about this spectacular crash except for the image above which was found on The video which probably caught the aftermath of the accident has been deleted from YouTube by its uploader.

It seems that McLaren MP4-12C crashes only manage to attract one photographer which apparently takes just one picture of the scene. This happened to both this one and the one crashed near its headquarters in the UK.