McLaren MP4-12C crashed near headquarters image

After we presented in the past few months Lamborghini Gallardos that burst into flames for no obvious reason, Murcielagos that crashed or even a modified and very expensive Ferrari Enzo that met the Atlantic Ocean up close, time has come for the British automaker McLaren to provide us with interesting but sad news.

The latest supercar that went off the McLaren production line, the MP4-12C, has been involved in a crash but the irony is the place where the powerful vehicle was damaged: the McLaren headquarters in Woking, UK.

According to, the MP4-12C has crashed near the McLaren headquarters in Woking, UK, meeting a fence and hedge row up close after the supercar hit another car, and considering the fact that the MP4-12C has blue delivery tape on the body, than we are talking about a pre-delivery or a test drive car, either way not good.

Reports say that nobody was injured in the accident and if the driver has just bought the supercar and managed to crash it near the McLaren headquarters than he obviously shouldn’t have been driving it in the first place.

Sadly we only have one picture of the McLaren MP4-12C that crashed and you can see it below.