An impressive McLaren MP4-12C has been recently crashed in Taiwan after its driver lost control of the wheel while speeding.

Exotic supercars combined with the lack of driving experience and a small dose of “what could possibly go wrong” will always provide a good recipe for a spectacular crash in which the rides will be completely destroyed and the occupants will end up in the hospital. The most recent example of such an incident is coming from Taiwan, where the driver of a McLaren MP4-12C has lost control of the wheel while speeding and hit a concrete pole.

According to the guys at the British supercar in question has been completely destroyed on the passenger side and after the initial impact, it hit another pole on the other side of the street. The result was what you can see in the image posted above. The driver of the McLaren MP4-12C has been taken to the hospital to have his injuries treated, which is more than we can say about his ride. The British supercar in question will probably end up in the crusher as it has been totaled. The incident took place in Taiwan.


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