McLaren MP4-12C gets London wrap image

A McLaren MP4-12C has recently received a unique wrap which is showing the city of London across the supercar’s body.

Fans of the British supercar maker and racing know that McLaren represents them well in Formula 1, and not only, but when seen on an open road with different landscapes on the background, the MP4-12C can be easily confused and people can think that it might come from just about any corner in the world, which has something to do with car manufacturing. But this isn’t the case anymore with this special McLaren MP4-12C, which has just received a unique wrap with London scenery.

The special custom wrap includes images of the British Parliament, of the Tower Bridge and more, including a representative phone booth and the iconic Union Jack. The model in question will join an SLR Stirling Moss through a journey of 3,000 km through Switzerland, Germany and Austria, where it will represent its home country. As a quick reminder, the MP4-12C has just received an upgrade and the supercar is now producing a total output of 616 HP, 25 more than before, from the same 3.8 liter twin-turbo engine. The unit is mated to a recalibrated seven-speed SSG transmission.