McLaren MP4-12C High Sport for sale image

A rare example of the McLaren MP4-12C High Sport is currently being offered for sale as its new owner will have to pay no less than 309, 900 USD before taking it home.

The McLaren MP4-12C may have recently left the production line in order to make room for its successor, the 650S, but that doesn’t mean that the supercar is good for the scrap yard, especially if we are talking about the High Sport Edition. Only 10 units of the model have been ever produced and the one pictured below is number 4. The supercar is currently on sale on James Edition for 309,900 USD.

The total output produced by its engine stands at 59 HP more than the standard MP4-12C, to a total of 675 HP. The High Sport has been created by MSO for its top customers and it has a carbon fiber high downforce rear diffuser, modified airbrake calibration, wheel arch louvers, carbon fiber side vents and engine cover vents, performance lightweight wheels and several other tweaks to help it stand out from a crowd. Power is being provided by the same 3.8 liter V8 engine which is also found on the P1, on the 650S and which will also be adopted on the new entry-level sports car.