McLaren MP4-12C lives on with DMC’s Velocita Wind Edition image

The oddly named MP4-12C signaled the fabled return of the British sports producer and Formula 1 expert to road going supercars. So, even if the model is now extinct – just like dinosaurs, it should be properly remembered.

Germany’s expert tuners from DMC are accustomed to supercars, as they operate modifications on a wide range of exotic brands, from afore mentioned McLaren to Porsche or Ferrari. For their latest introduction they targeted the capable sports car, with the customization package for the MP4-12C dubbed Velocita Wind Edition.

The Wind Edition is essentially a refresh of the package introduced last year for the model, called simply Velocita. We can all see the resemblance, yes? DMC released details and images of the Wing Edition that is now in possession of a Saudi Arabian and the photo shooting took place in France’s well-known Cannes city. Exotic and globetrotting.

The package refresh brings a new front spoiler lip, as well as F1-style canards and a center “sword”. There are also updated side skirts, while the back features a diffuser and a lightweight spoiler. The most important update – hence the name – concerns the new rear wing, which has been engineered to receive the wind flow coming from the upgraded roof-mounted scoop. We can also see some fashionable carbon fiber body inserts, a titanium exhaust system and the interior has been garnished with Italian leather upholstery.