The aftermarket specialists at DMC have recently unveiled a new upgrade package for the McLaren MP4-12C, named the MP4 Velocita, during the 2013 Geneva Motor Show.

Good news for owners of the McLaren MP4-12C out there, who are thinking of upgrading their rides, because now there is a new kit available, signed by DMC. The tuning company is describing the upgrade package for the McLaren MP4-12C as the “best” and the “most aggressive McLaren MP4”, and, as you all know, “best” is the opposite of cheap. The carbon fiber body kit can be yours from 19,215 euros (24,995 USD), and it includes a new front fascia, amongst others.

The MP4 Velocita is also getting a diffuser, carbon fiber side flaps, a rear wing, a titanium exhaust system (4,225 euros), diamond forged alloy wheels 21-inch in size (9,990 euros) and some other tweaks. The cabin of the British supercar can be fitted with Alcantara upholstery or leather, with exotic wood trim or carbon fiber and more, all for 12,680 euros. The total price of the package is set at 36,110 euros (59,980 USD).


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