McLaren MSO HS reaching just 25 lucky pre-determined owners image

The production run – which hasn’t even commenced – has been already sold out according to various reports, but in the end more importantly is the fact that McLaren’s MSO HS looks like a truly spectacular ride.

There were 500 people who rushed to buy up the limited production series McLaren 675 Long Tail Coupe – and then found out the company was building an even more expensive run of 675LT Spiders. And these two were the most extreme road-going Super Series models in existence. But that’s about to change because the more hardcore McLaren MSO HS is tipped by the rumor mill to debut during the upcoming fall Paris Motor Show. In case you didn’t figure it out – HS is short for High Speed, so the 3.8-liter, twin-turbo V8 engine packs a slightly updated power output of up to 678 horsepower. While that sounds marginal, the engineers actually didn’t need more because they spectacularly reworked the available quantities of downforce.

McLaren MSO HS reaching just 25 lucky pre-determined owners 0

The HS comes with a large front splitter and turning vanes, knife-sharp side splitters and aP1 GTR-inspired rear wing – the company says these bring 485 pounds of downforce at 150 miles-per-hour. Anyway, the rumor mill is now jumping into a debate on whether the 25 units have been commissioned by a single customer or sold to different individuals just like any other run of the mill limited series model.