McLaren P1 available as an all-electric vehicle – for kids image

McLaren has been rumored to get an all-electric vehicle in the near future – but that happened faster than anyone thought, only they also didn’t nail the green business case either.

This is because the all-new all-electric McLaren P1 is only suitable for six-year olds… And it really is the perfect way of making a fan out of your kid, without killing your pocket in the process, as the model costs a mere $486. McLaren is set to debut this incredibly compact electric hypercar with an open roof late next month – and it’s a model for the most enthusiastic members of our planet – kids aged below six. The toy will be sold through official McLaren dealerships and will even reach the United States during the first quarter of next year, with pricing in line with the UK offering. Although the P1 has lost its roof, the design keeps the full-size version’s dihedral doors.


The very small P1 is even faster than its counterpart when hitting its intended maximum speed – just two seconds to three mph (5 km/h), while the real P1 is not even hitting 62 mph (100 km/h) at that point – let alone the 217-mph (350-kph) terminal velocity. The racer even has a three-speed transmission, as well as reverse gear. McLaren also brags about having inside an MP3 player and stereo system, “helpfully already pre-programmed with every popular nursery rhyme.” There’s also an on/off switch at the back to allow parents to decided when the racer needs some time off from the “track”.