McLaren P1 GTR adorned with bespoke livery to reflect F1 machine image

The track-exclusive hypercar has decided to show its blood relation to the flagship F1 machine and has disguised itself in a special orange and grey livery.

The second part of the Formula One season is upon us, so McLaren wanted to mark the occasion with something that looks the part – in a bid to honor the MP4/31 car. So the $3.1 million P1 GTR, which has 987-horsepower (736 kilowatt) on its card, was delivered to McLaren Special Operations and the division worked its magic into delivering the hypercar with the same livery found on the F1 machine. The orange and grey hues follow the pattern of the MP4/31 livery – and they’re pretty close considering the F1 machine has altogether different elements from a regular supercar.

McLaren P1 GTR adorned with bespoke livery to reflect F1 machine 0

There’s also some MSO touches here and there because the unit likes to flourish its job – the front-facing orange ‘swoosh’ has been molded into the hood vents, while designers took some larger liberties when painting the side and rear-facing stripes, in a bid to also homage the unique angles of the P1 GTR. So, not every detail is translated into a mirror on the P1 GTR, but it still looks great – complimenting the McLaren-Honda MP4/31, which hits the track in Belgium this weekend at Spa.