McLaren P1 GTR costs $4.6 million, only has delivery mileage on the clock image

The track-exclusive McLaren P1 GTR can be yours if you have $4.6 million to spare and don’t mind taking a trip to see Danish sports car dealer Lysdahl Simonsen.

The upside of the deal is the current owner hasn’t driven the vehicle at all. We already know McLaren only turned out around 45 units of the P1 GTR, all sold exclusively among the owners of the street-legal P1 – which is like delivering a limited edition of a limited edition, since the latter is also capped at just 375 examples. One of the P1 owners that bought the P1 GTR actually did it because of financial reasons and is now looking to “get rid” of it and make a nice buck in the process. That’s because McLaren has called the shots at $3.2 million a pop for the P1 GTR, and the Danish dealership is instead asking 29.7M DKK – at current exchange rates that translates into a cool $4.6 million.

And to make sure this is a bulletproof transaction, the customer didn’t spend a mile inside the car, which comes with the delivery mileage. It’s interesting to note how an owner of the “best driver’s car in the world on track,” as per McLaren’s words resisted the temptation to embark on McLaren’s driver program to have the 1,000-hp hybrid machine out in the open on the racetrack. The $1.4 million might have been a powerful incentive, that is if anyone is willing to pay the extra cash to snatch this pristine unit.