Existing McLaren P1 customers have recently received an official rendering of this so-called McLaren P1 GTR, which is about to be introduced.

The British based automaker McLaren is currently testing out the potential market of an even hotter version of the P1, the so-called P1 GTR. The image posted above has been sent to existing customers of the regular P1 and it is partially revealing an updated hybrid supercar which is getting an even more aggressive design and this should be enough to make existing P1 customers spend a few more million on it.

The brand new McLaren P1 GTR is believed to be a track version of the regular hybrid supercar and this will be rivaling the upcoming Ferrari LaFerrari FXX. The model will be getting a new aerodynamic body kit, a large diffuser and an even larger rear wing, as seen from the rendering posted above. The sides of the vehicle have been widened too in order to make room for the new wheels. The new McLaren P1 GTR will only be offered to existing P1 customers and its price tag is expected to stand at somewhere between 3.2 to 3.4 million USD. For the money, you will be getting approximately 986 HP from the track focused supercar.

Source: blog.dupontregistry.com


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