McLaren P1 Night Glow by German Special Customs image

A new upgrade package signed by German Special Customs will become available soon for the McLaren P1 as the tuning company has recently announced its plans to introduce it.

The upgrade package aimed towards the British hybrid supercar will be called the Night Glow and it will be addressed to 375 customers who had at least 1 million euros to get their hands on the impressive vehicle and want some interesting upgrades added to their rides. According to the guys at German Special Customs, the McLaren P1 can receive an aerodynamic body kit, with side blades on the front apron, a new spoiler blade, LED daytime running lights, bigger air inlets and much more.

The supercar’s aftermarket upgrades will not stop here as there are also different side skirts available, air inlets, rear diffuser, rear side walls of the body, a roof mounted scoop, an adjustable rear wing and much more. A power upgrade is also available by installing an in-house exhaust system. The total output will raise to more than 1,000 HP (736 kW) which is significantly more than what the standard 3.8 liter V8 twin turbo has to offer with its 916 HP (674 kW). No pricing details have been announced but they are available upon request.