McLaren P13 and P1 track version officially confirmed image

The development of the new entry-level P13 sports car and the track version of the P1 have been officially confirmed by McLaren.

The new entry-level sports car, the McLaren P13, is no longer a surprise, as the model in question has been recently confirmed by the British based automaker. According to the company, the vehicle will be a mid-engined two seater sports car which will be made around a carbon fiber chassis. This will be comfortable and usable and it should increase the carmaker’s sales to approximately 4,000 units annually. The new McLaren P13 will be the cheapest product offered and it will go on sale against rivals such as the Porsche 911.

Besides confirming the McLaren P13, the car manufacturer has also announced its plans to introduce a track only version of the impressive P1. This will be available exclusively to customers who have already purchased the street legal P1. The company says that the track only variant of the hybrid supercar will be the most power vehicle yet produced by the brand. It remains to be seen how much output it will develop but the carmaker will also work on shedding a lot of weight from its body and also on improving suspension, steering, brakes and so on.