A new rendering with the McLaren P13 has recently hit the web and it’s previewing the upcoming entry-level British supercar.

The development of a new entry-level supercar signed by McLaren is no longer a surprise as the model in question has been hinted for quite a few months now and it has been even caught on camera while it was being tested, several times. But before it will become available for order, the company has to make sure that everything is in its place and working just like it should, so it will probably be another few months until the carmaker will officially pull the wraps off its body.

Rumors are saying that the final production version of the McLaren P13 will follow the same footsteps as its larger brother, the 650S, and it should be getting a similar front fascia to the new supercar, along with other design features. Aluminum body panels will be used when constructing this car and this should keep its weight down. The 3.8 liter V8 twin turbo engine will provide as much as 500 HP, but chances are the unit will develop 450 HP (335 kW). The P13 will rival models like the Porsche 911.

Image Source: X-Tomi Design (FB)


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