McLaren plans P15 supercar image

The British based automaker McLaren is planning to introduce a new supercar to its lineup, in a few years, which will be called the P15.

The announcement hasn’t been made official just yet, but according to the guys at Car and Driver, McLaren wants a new supercar in its lineup. The so-called McLaren P15 will slot between the newly unveiled 650S and its larger brother, the P1, in terms of performance and features found on it. If everything goes as planned, the car manufacturer will put the P15 into normal production instead of the limited edition like the P1, but expect some expensive price tags.

The McLaren P15 will come with a mid-engine layout in a two-seater version and with a carbon fiber monocoque structure. A hybridized power train will probably be used under its hood but there is no word on specifications just yet. One thing is for sure, since it will be slotted between the 650S and the P1, the total output produced will stand at more than the 650S and at less than the one of its most powerful production supercar ever. Prices for the new McLaren P15 are expected to start at approximately 500,000 USD (363,000 EUR), once it will supposedly hit the market in 2017.