Jun.4 (GMM/Inautonews.com) McLaren moved to play down rumours Lewis Hamilton might quit the team even before his contract expires at the end of this year.

Reports late last week said that despite McLaren offering the 2008 over $30 million per year to stay in 2013 and beyond, sources are hinting 27-year-old Hamilton has already decided to leave due to repeated team errors and a mysterious lack of pace.

At the same time, it has emerged there has been “serious contact” between McLaren and Paul di Resta, who ironically is managed by Hamilton’s manager Anthony.

Writing in the Times, correspondent Kevin Eason dismissed the reports as “wild rumours” that McLaren have also felt the need to “react to”.

“Hamilton has no desire to leave McLaren,” he insisted, “a team that has provided at least two victories in every season of his career.

“Hamilton has repeatedly said that he was happy to stay with McLaren, even on Sunday night, after a disappointing Monaco grand prix”, Eason added.

The journalist, however, conceded that Hamilton’s management – led by XIX Entertainment’s Simon Fuller – “are known to have contacted rivals”, even though “no other approaches” with the exception of Red Bull have been made.

McLaren quoted Hamilton as saying last Friday: “Even though everything hasn’t gone right for us, I’m confident that myself and the team are doing everything we can to ensure we’re in the best possible position to challenge for victory each and every weekend.”

  • Fay Ridd

    I really would like Lewis to stay at mclaren but with all the mistakes the team have had not through Lewis fault must be laying heavy on his mind he is a born racing driver the most exiting racer we have had for years what would f1 be without him I never watched f1 before Lewis came on the scene he is dynamite . But all the money they are offering him I think he just wants to be a winner so if they are holding him back and don't stop all these mistakes I think he will be gone. I must say it sometimes feels a bit fishy that all these things are happening to him.hope thre is no.corruption But many people are talking about this anyway Lewis good luck for Canada do what you always do and give us a great race and excitement nobody else can one of your greatest fans fayxxxxxx