McLaren has just released more official images and details with its newest creation, the 12C Spider, after it was unveiled just a few months ago.

Until McLaren will give us the final production version of the P1, which is the official successor of the iconic F1, the 12C Spider remains the newest model in the company’s lineup and now the British based automaker is placing it into the spotlights one more time. McLaren says that the Retractable Hard Top (RHT) of the 12C Spider is a two-piece design which can be lowered or raised in under 17 seconds at speeds up to 30 km/h or 19 mph.

The McLaren 12C Spider Is getting standard heated glass rear window and in order to save weight, the company has avoided the Active pop up roll bars and used a steel structure which can absorb any impact and protect the occupants in case of a roll over. Together with the supercar, McLaren is also offering tow specially designed bags which can fit in the 52-liter storage space behind the seats. The climate control and the audio system can adapt with the roof lowered and the starting price in the UK of the supercar is set at 195,500 GBP, while in the U.S. the model starts at 265,750 USD. The 12C Spider will arrive in dealerships in November.


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