McLaren selects SAP for enterprise applications image

The McLaren Group will use SAP Ag as its technology backbone.

SAP has a long-standing relationship with various parts of the McLaren Group. This latest deal marks a new stage in their relationship aimed at transforming the IT infrastructure of the entire McLaren Group.
The British automotive racing technology company said it had signed a new contract with SAP to use the business software maker’s solutions, including the SAP Hana database.

“Our Formula 1 cars generate vast quantities of performance data, ” Dennis said in a press release. “Our ability to process that data and act on it rapidly is crucial to creating the kind of prescriptive intelligence that enables us to transform the outcome of races.”

The announcement comes shortly after SAP unveiled its accelerated cloud strategy by announcing cloud solutions for four lines of business to manage people, money, customers and suppliers.
These are planned to be offered in a consistent way and seamlessly integrated into enterprise resource planning (ERP) business software.

SAP Ag., the biggest maker of business management software, said last month its net income jumped 10 percent from a year earlier to 444 million euros ($587 million) helped by record sales in Asia.

The German giant, which competes with Oracle (ORCL), said this month that sales growth will rise in Q2 after a sales strategy that grouped clients by geography in North America and initially weak business in some European countries trimmed new software sales at the start of the year.