McLaren SLR 707 Edition by Wheelsandmore image

The McLaren Mercedes SLR is has been out of production for quite some time but the fact that it’s a great supercar is beyond any doubt so the German tuner Wheelsandmore decided to release another kit it.

After presenting an upgrade for the SLR just a year ago with a power boost of 730 horsepower, Wheelsandmore is now offering a 707 HP version, so we really don’t understand why, but because the car in question is the SLR we’re not allowed to ask anything, the only thing we are allowed to do is admire it.

The 707 Edition features a larger compressor and an ECU upgrade, giving the supercar 707 horsepower and a 3.5 seconds time for the 0 to 60 mph sprint.

The SLR 707 Edition now has KW suspension, full race approved coilover with damper housings of strength aluminum alloy and its center of gravity has been lowered so theoretically the car should handle even better.

The updates for the SLR McLaren are nearly unlimited and on request almost everything can be fitted on but the best option would be two side-machine guns which will come in handy in high traffic but also on New Year’s Eve.