McLaren teases its Sports Series with hip official image image

The British sports car aficionados from McLaren Automotive have utterly bad advisers when it comes to the naming scheme of their models, but we take our hat off in front of their engineers any time.

So, we’re happy to report that the entry-level model called Sports Series (with the codename P13) is on its merry way towards the market, with the UK specialists just releasing a brand new, Gymkhana-style, teaser image. On a never before seen product offensive (pun intended, in the 1990s they only had one model, the mind-boggling McLaren F1), the “affordable” Sports Series is getting ready for a 2015 reveal, in time for April’s New York Auto Show. It’s also going to cost a lot less than the 650S Coupe priced at $270,000 in the United States – it would only set back eager customers around $180,000.

The model borrows some of the styling trends from its older 650S and P1 brothers, but comes in a smaller overall package, while the rear diffuser is modified, has a unique style for the taillights and the side vents will be narrower. Fortunately, the butterfly doors are still on call. There are no technical details so far, but we bet our month’s paycheck it would use a toned down variant of the 3.8-liter V8 twin-turbo that would come below the 600 HP (441 kW) mark of the 625C.