McLaren to produce plug-in hybrid in the future; could be the P14 image

According to McLaren’s CEO Mike Flewitt,  the British supercar maker is taking seriously into account the possibility of producing a plug in hybrid supercar – something similar to what BMW did with the i8, but in this case a much more extreme model.

As reported earlier, McLaren plans to replace the current 650S model somewhere in 2018 – with the P14, and there is a high possibility that the P14 will be McLaren’s first plug-in hybrid.

“If you go far enough out I think you’ll find the IC engine becoming less significant, one day potentially nothing more than a range extender,” Flewitt said, “that’s the way the whole segment is moving.”

“10 years from now I think at least half the cars we will produce will be hybrids,” Flewitt said.

Clearly the automaker demonstrated it interest in hybrid supercars with the unveiling of the P1 supercar – and according to many media reports, McLaren plans to offer hybrid powertrains on half of its models by 2025.

Lamborghini, one of McLaren’s closes rivals is also planning a plugin-in hybrid. Asterion, the plugin hybrid from Lamborghini was revealed during the 2014 Paris Motor Show. It features a V10 aspirated engine 90° with selective IDS (Iniezione Diretta Stratificata) + 3 electric motors.  The internal combustion engine is capable to deliver 610 hp (449 kW) at 8,250 RPM while the output of the electrical engines is 300 hp (221 kw), for a total of 910 hp (669kw).

Lamborghini Asterion  Paris 2014 15

Lamborghini Asterion  Paris 2014 10

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“We have settled for electric front-wheel drive and petrol-fed rear-wheel drive,” says Lamborghini’s il grande ingegnere Maurizio Reggiani.

But Lamborghini plans first to produce the Urus SUV and then the plugin hybrid supercar – so then we might see a plugin hybrid from Lamborghini somewhere in 2020 if not 2022.