McLaren to remain independent and still expand sales image

British supercar makers, such as Aston Martin and McLaren, have remained the last of a “dying” breed – they are independent companies, and proud of it.

Other supercar powerhouses, such as Ferrari or Lamborghini have long been acquired by global automakers, which impose limits but also give them access to their vast coffers. But in McLaren’s case, the British manufacturer believes its better to stay nimble and vows to compete head to head with the segment rivals as it drives to boost its sales through an expanding model lineup.”We’re very quick to move. Our product development life cycles are very efficient,” comments Jolyon Nash, executive director of sales and marketing.”In an industry like this, those are great advantages.” The British brand is famed for its ongoing implication in motorsport, mainly Formula One and has remained among the few global premium auto producers that has eschewed the sellout to a larger peer. Lamborghini, Bugatti and Porsche belong to VW AG, the world’s second largest carmaker, while Ferrari and Maserati are part of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, the world’s seventh biggest automaker.

The McLaren executive says the current independence allows it to move quickly in today’s rapid changing technological and legislative fields. The supercar brand has just revealed its most affordable model yet – the 540C coupe during the 2015 edition of the Auto Shanghai event in China, costing around $191,000. The company hopes such “entry-level” models would attract new clients to the brand, which could then opt for the more expensive and powerful models later on.

Via Automotive News Europe