McLaren to widen its dealership network: Opens first of many new showrooms in London today image

We have just updated you that McLaren has well managed to remain on the top by selling its full production lot for the coming three years. This directly says that the MP4-12C is a big success for the company. And now we have something to tell you that links with the dealership network.

The company is getting prepared to open lots of New Showrooms in London. Strange? Not at all…We can at least imaging that the next three years would bring immense hard work including lots of changes and there should be a place for its accommodation after production as well. So, here’s the news. McLaren will open first of many new showrooms. Today, is the date set by the company to open first of its new flagship showroom which starts from One Hyde Park located in London. And we got to know that this showroom is just the first of many as reported on an official statement.

What is more interesting is that total 35 locations will see new McLaren showrooms in total 19 countries including Birmingham, London and Manchester located in the UK, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt and Munich in Germany, Monaco and Paris in France, Brussels in Benelux, Milan in Italy, Madrid in Spain, and Zurich in Switzerland. Well, as we suspect, McLaren also wants to make its name in the North American market. So, a wide network will be prepared in Dallas, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, Newport Beach, Tampa and San Francisco, whereas, Canada will get a central dealership in Toronto.

Besides, the Asia Pacific region will also receive five showrooms which include Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Sydney in Australia, and Osaka in Japan. Well this is not enough, the Middle East will also witness McLaren showrooms at Abu Dhabi and Dubai in UAE, whereas, Jeddah, Qatar and Riyadh were picked up for Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

By Sunita Mandal