McLaren’s 720S kicks off the special series party with MSO version image

There are popular jokes about McLaren’s love for special editions and bespoke versions, and we’re pretty sure the introduction of the new generation 720S model will only fuel them.

That’s because as it featured the world premiere in front of the live audience during the Geneva Motor Show – at the same venue the British automaker was already on point with and MSO variant. Dubbed “Velocity”, the new MSO 720S comes with an ostentatious look thanks to the mix of gold wheels and burgundy paint. The McLaren Special Operations division was quick to move as the new 720S packs the new range of personalization options available from the MSO catalog. The carbon fiber bodywork is painted in a mix of Nerello Red, used for the upper and front of the car, fading into Volcano Red for the car’s back – contrasted by metallic-bronze ten-spoke wheels.

McLaren 720S MSO

Other included perks for the new 720S are “gloss” carbon fiber add-on parts – a new engine cover, a new rear spoiler, a red carbon fiber hood, and new side skirts. The cockpit features black Alcantara, plus Harissa Red accent leather trim for the standard sport seats, the steering wheel, and the door panels. Naturally, McLaren wants a premium on the new MSO Velocity, so the buyers should expect a price “in the region of £335,000,” which is a pretty cool upgrade from the standard car.