Meccano battles Lego with new Ferrari 488 Spider and LaFerrari sets image

The toy maker is not as world famous as its Danish counterpart – Lego – but that could change after the company joined forces with the supercar legend to produce models of the 488 Spider and LaFerrari.

Of course, the Danish block maker – Lego – has what it takes to fight the assault from Meccano – we can just give a few great examples to keep car fans entertained: the BMW GS Adventure bike, Caterham 620R, Mercedes Arocs dumper truck, and the fabulous Porsche 911 GT3 RS. Meccano, the toy maker that has a habit of turning kids into proper engineers later in life, has two new Ferrari models: a 488 Spider and a LaFerrari with substantial part involvement. The 488 for example has over 300 components, including working steering system, custom wheels, and rubber tires. The LaFerrari kit is even more complex, with around 700 items to assemble – including working steering, plus opening butterfly doors and engine cover.

Both kits have tools and a decal sheet with all the little details such as lights and badges – and of course just like in the case of its competitor, you can judge the success of these kits as far as being considered replicas. For the young engineers in the making, or the big kids making excuses to buy these, the 488 Spider will set you back €54.99 ($58.33), and the LaFerrari is a bit pricier at €69.99 ($74.24). Meccano also has other vehicles among its build kits – including a cool, battery-powered rally car seemingly recognizable as a Toyota 86.